Romaine @ Matthew Shepard Foundation function
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All of Romaine’s speaking engagements can be crafted to cover a variety of issues depending on your needs. Some examples of topics include:

  • Matthew Shepard – Hear first hand what happened and why. Find out how lives were changed and what didn’t change at all.
  • The Laramie Project – What it was really like, and what it means today for the people seeing it and the people that lived it.
  • Hate Crimes – How hate crimes affect a community and what can be done locally and nationally to create change.
  • Issues of Hate in School – From name calling in the hall way to attacks on campus what can be done to make schools safer for everyone.
  • Images in the Media – From Eminem to Will & Grace how images in the media affect the way people look at LGBT issues.
  • Youth Activism – Tips on how young people can get more involved in activism in some very basic ways.

**Romaine is the co-host of the “Derek & Romaine Show” on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and can also speak about issues of sexuality, romance and dating issues…which are all features of her daily talk show.

Romaine ends most of her speaking engagements with an open forum Q&A.

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