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We're all familiar with the tragedy of Matthew Shepard, but The Whole World Was Watching tells the story from a unique perspective, that of his best friend, Romaine Paterson.


Romaine Patterson
Siriusly Speaking

(interview by Kent Martin & Grace Moon)
From the wilds of Wyoming, Romaine Patterson stepped up for the good fight and into the spotlight when her friend Matthew Shepard was killed. A fierce advocate for gay rights, Romaine uses her soapbox to talk trash and truth, drawing the line of distinction between them with vivid colors. -KM

In the Life unleashes its annual LGBT Pride Edition with "Setting the Record Straight." This hour long special explores the intersection of LGBT representation, cultural prejudice, censorship, media sensationalism vs. actual news and the big picture implications of it all. Hosted by actor, comedian, and Air America Radio talk show host JANEANE GAROFALO

The show aired on WXXI on June 12 at 11 p.m

Interviews this month include: Veteran journalist Helen Thomas and former Talon News White House correspondent Jeff Gannon, Court TV and CNN anchor Nancy Grace, Judy Shepard, attorney Sean Maloney, “The Laramie Project” Director Moises Kaufman, Sirius Q Radio Host Romaine Patterson...

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