Derek and Romaine
Weekdays 6p - 10p ET on OutQ: Sirius 109 | XM 98
Derek and Romaine is a popular afternoon drive talk show that The Washington Post called "frisky, free-wheeling… a distinctly different brand of radio." Filled with free-form chatter, candid and frank discussions and tons of laughs, the Derek and Romaine Show is a unique radio experience featuring an unlikely gay/lesbian duo. Hosted by Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson, the show is a wild and witty romp, a welcome respite from the serious world at the end of the work day. Interacting with a wide variety of celebrity guests including Samuel L. Jackson, Rosie O’Donnell, Meredith Vieira, Perez Hilton, and Gold medalist Shaun White, as well as experts and real people sharing personal experiences, the Derek and Romaine Show overflows with exuberance and fun. NOW in it’s 7th Season!

Derek & Romaine's
What's In Your Stocking Giveaway
has concluded for 2009.

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1. Please Don't Stalk OR Clone Us (in person or by proxy) 7. Don't be SENSITIVE BITCHES!
2. We do the drinking...You do the driving. 8. PLEASE Don't Sue Us...
3. Turn your radio down. (we don't want to hear our own voice) 9. NO SPOILERS! (don't update us on TV stuff -- we HAVE TiVO!)
4. DON'T ask us how we are doing, what's up or what's going on...!!!! 10. Don't expect us to remember... ANYONE or ANYTHING at ANYTIME!
5. We are not for everyone. We are for YOU! 11. bok, bok, bok, bok...
6. Send Romaine Presents
(especially on her birthday Mar. 31)
12. If you ask or beg for something, the answer is F#@K NO!

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